New records of isopod species of the Antarctic Specially Managed Area No. 1, Admiralty Bay, South Shetland Islands

Journal title

Polish Polar Research




vol. 38


No 3



Antarctic ; ASMA ; biodiversity ; Crustacea ; glacial fjords ; King George Island

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Polish Academy of Sciences ; Committee on Polar Research




Artykuły / Articles


DOI: 10.1515/popore-2017-0017 ; ISSN 0138-0338 ; eISSN 2081-8262


Polish Polar Research; 2017; vol. 38; No 3; 409-419


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Editorial Board

Editorial Advisory Board

Robert BIALIK (Warszawa, Poland)

Magda BŁAŻEWICZ (Łódź, Poland)

Alistair CRAME (Cambridge, UK)

Josef ELSTER (České Budějovice, Czechia)

Jacek JANIA (Sosnowiec, Poland)

Cezary KABAŁA (Wrocław, Poland)

Jerónimo LÓPEZ-MARTINEZ (Madrid, Spain)

Krzysztof MIGAŁA (Wrocław, Poland)

Jerzy NAWROCKI (Warszawa, Poland)

Maria OLECH (Kraków, Poland)

Sergej OLENIN (Klaipeda, Litva)

Sandra PASSCHIER (Montclair, USA)

Jan PAWŁOWSKI (Sopot, Poland)

Żaneta POLKOWSKA (Gdańsk, Poland)

Gerhard SCHMIEDL (Hamburg, Germany)

Peter SCHWEITZER (Vienna, Austria)

Janne SOREIDE (UNIS, Svalbard)

Lech STEMPNIEWICZ (Gdańsk, Poland)

Mateusz STRZELECKI (Wrocław, Poland)

Witold SZCZUCIŃSKI (Poznań, Poland)

Slawek TULACZYK (Santa Cruz, USA)

Jan Marcin WĘSŁAWSKI (Sopot, Poland) - President

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Abstracting & Indexing

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