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BioTechnologia | 2013 | No 4

Instructions for authors

The Journal publishes manuscripts in the form of: review and mini review articles, research papers, short communications as well as methodological
papers. Opinions and book reviews are also welcome. Materials submitted to BioTechnologia are peer reviewed and have to meet
specifiexpectations concerning substantive and editorial qualities.


  • The text of the manuscript should be provided in double-spaced page format, as Portable Document Format (pdf, preffered for “first” submission) or/and MS World document (doc, obligatory for final submission). Lamport TeX format (tex, contact the Editorial Office) is also acceptable.
  • Body of the article should be typed with 12 point Times New Roman font and 35 mm (left and 15 mm (right) margins. All lines of each page of the document must be numbered in the margin. The pages must be numbered consecutively.
  • Equations should be numbered serially (1), (2),… on the right side of the page.
  • Metric, SI units and the Celsius measurements should be used throughout.
  • Abbreviations should be explained when they first appear in the text.

The title page should indicate:

  • the name(s) of the author(s),
  • a concise and informative title,
  • the affiliation(s) and address(es) of the author(s),
  • the e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers of the corresponding author.

The abstract should contain a concise description of the purpose of the paper, the results and findings, as well as a short concluding paragraph.
The abstract must not exceed 350 words. A list of 3 to 6 key words must be given included at the end of the abstract.

The main text should be divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction,
  • Materials and methods,
  • Results,
  • Discussion (can be combined with Results),
  • Conclusions (if necessary),
  • Supplementary material (more...),
  • Acknowledgments,
  • Literature cited (more...).

Although the editors of BioTechnologia prefer that also review papers include Introduction and Conclusions sections, we do allow greater
discretion in their content and organization.

Literature cited within the text must be:
cited by author and year,
in chronological order when grouped (or alphabetical order if published in the same year),
must follow the CSE citation style (e.g., Brandt and Coley 2005; Kowalski et al. 2009; Brandt and Coley 2005a, 2007b),
must include the name of the first author and “et al.” when there are four or more authors,
if referred to an unpublished work of the author(s) quoted as: “name AB, unpublished data”,
if referred to an unpublished work of other author(s) quoted as: “name AB, name CD, personal communication” (the authors are responsible
for securing permissions to cite).


  • arranged alphabetically by name of author(s) and then chronologically,
  • refer to manuscripts not yet published but which have been accepted for publication as “in press”,
  • not included if manuscripts have not yet been formally accepted for publication,
  • in line with the guidelines for abbreviations of periodicals listed in The Council of Science Editors Style Manual (7th ed., 2006),
  • not include unpublished data, personal communications or manuscripts “in preparation”. Such materials, if necessary, may be included into
  • the text only.
  • formatted as follows:

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