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The paper presents the results of the effect of isothermal heating time on the disappearance of strain hardening (the softening degree) of the studied high-manganese TRIPLEX type steels at a temperature of 900 and 1000°C. In order to determine the kinetics of recrystallization of austenite plastically deformed for selected steels, hot compression tests with draft ε = 0.2 were made. The presented results reveal that the complete recrystallization of austenite needs long isothermal heating times. In industrial conditions, such long times are not used, therefore in the initial rolling passages, the time required for half recrystallization of austenite t0.5 is often used. The total disappearance of the strain hardening, completion of the recrystallization of austenite tested high-manganese X98 and X105 TRIPLEX type steels isothermal heating time requires far more than 200 s. The increase of the deformation temperature is a factor influencing the acceleration of the disappearance of strain hardening.
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