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The paper presents a tool for accurate evaluation of high field concentrations near singular lines, such as contours of cracks, notches and grains intersections, in 3D problems solved the BEM. Two types of boundary elements, accounting for singularities, are considered: (i) edge elements, which adjoin a singular line, and (ii) intermediate elements, which while not adjoining the line, are still under strong influence of the singularity. An efficient method to evaluate the influence coefficients and the field intensity factors is suggested for the both types of the elements. The method avoids time expensive numerical evaluation of singular and hypersingular integrals over the element surface by reduction to 1D integrals. The method being general, its details are explained by considering a representative examples for elasticity problems for a piece-wise homogeneous medium with cracks, inclusions and pores. Numerical examples for plane elements illustrate the exposition. The method can be extended for curvilinear elements.
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