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In this paper the application of so called wedge functions is presented to solve two-dimensional simple geometries of magnetostatic and electrostatic problems, e.g. rectangles of varying aspect ratio and with different values of the magnetic permeability μ. Such problems require the use of surface charge density, or segment source, functions of the form ρs = σa-1, where the power parameters, a, have special fractional values. A methodology is presented to determine these special values of a and use them in segment sources on simple geometries, i.e. rectangles of varying aspect ratio, and with different values of the magnetic permeability μ. Wedge solutions are obtained by coupling the strength coefficients of source segments of the same power around an edge. These surface source functions have been used in the analysis of conducting and infinite permeability structures. Here we apply such functions in a boundary integral analysis method to problems having regions of finite permeability.
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