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Somatic chromosome numbers are given for the following Taraxacum species: T. pieninicum, 2n=16; T. dentatum, 2n=24; T. fascinans, 2n=24; T. mendax, 2n=40; T. subalpinum, 2n=24; T. telmatophilum, 2n=24; T. cyanolepis, 2n=24; T. fulgidum, 2n=24; T. gentile, 2n=24; and T. undulatum, 2n=24. Chromosome numbers from Poland are published for the first time for T. dentatum, T. fascinans, T. mendax, T. subalpinum, T. telmatophilum, T. cyanolepis, T. fulgidum, T. gentile and T. undulatum.
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