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We consider the manure removal system, which is used in most pig farms being built and reconstructed at present in Ukraine, and it has been discovered that there are major mistakes during the baths construction in the correct geometry and depth, and therefore discusses their rules of operation. If the baths geometry is wrongly executed, for instance, if the slope is made to slant toward the bottom of the tub filler drain pipe, which in itself is unacceptable, or not properly executed in the form of a special pit steps towards the neck drain, and etc., then a number of problems is inherent of its exploitation. The basic requirements for laying fused-pipe is compliance with its slope. The considered equipment must be equipped with pumping stations to pump manure. The pumps for pumping manure: submersible sewage pumps and dry-installed in the mine and long sewage pumps with electric or PTO shaft of a tractor were analyzed. Attention was paid to the designing of modern equipment for the distribution of manure waste into fractions. The classification of manure storage and the basic requirements for their placement and arrangement was carried out, and recommendations are made for the designing of pumping stations, to select pumps for the pumping stations and the design during the modern construction and reconstruction of old pig farms.
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