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The results of bearing capacity, deformability and fracture toughness of reinforced concrete beams with the external reinforcement in the form of steel cut and stretchy sheet, obtained due to the conducting of the experiment and mathematical simulation which were made of concrete of C40/50 class are given in the article. Mathematical simulation of beam structures is done on the basis of the deformation model which allows to conduct calculations of the unified methodological positions of different elements with diverse configuration of cross section and reinforcement as well as take into consideration elastic and plastic properties of concrete and reinforcement, assessing the actual stress-strain state of sections of reinforced concrete elements at different loading levels, including ultimate one. The deformation model is based on the actual diagrams use of concrete and reinforcement materials deformation and conditions of efforts balance in the normal section and hypothesis of flat sections. The theoretical value of bearing capacity and deformability, obtained as a result of the mathematical simulation was compared to the experimental data. The satisfactory coincidence of the mathematical calculation of bearing capacity, deformability, fracture toughness and experimental data gives an opportunity to use the algorithm not only for beam structures with bar reinforcement but also for beam structures with the external reinforcement in the form of steel cut and stretchy sheet.
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