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In Antarctic summer 1983/1984 samples of planktonie and attached diatoms were collected in the Admiralty Bay (King George Island, South Shetland Islands) as well as samples of planktonie diatoms in the region of South Orkneys, Drake Passage and Bransfield Strait (BIOMASS-SIBEX Project). Using gas chromatography residues of chloroorganic pesticides, namely the compounds of the DDT group and HCH isomers were determined. It was found that the highest values of the content of these compounds occurred in attached diatoms coming from areas continuously washed with water from the melting glacier, in planktonie diatoms from the samples of the Admiralty Bay and from strongly glaciated regions. A hypothesis was put forward that along with the direct atmospheric transport the release of the deposits of these compounds from ice and glaciers during their melting is an additional source of input of chloroorganic biocides into Antarctic waters. Diatoms are good indicators of this process.
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