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This paper explores the issue of the value-based life and upbringing towards the values on the grounds of legal conditions in which the Polish educational system exists. Multiple standards are imposed on educational space and law, including especially education law, has been subject to major inflation, therefore, at the moment law is becoming one of the crucial factors that determine the structure and function of all subjects and institutions of education. Law not only determines the formal context of the system wit hin which education occurs but also influences organizational aspects of ongoing educational activities as well as individual areas of experiencing and learning both the school and the law. As a consequence, the law is able to and should support the process of leading students towards the value-based life. All the subjects and institutions of education as well as authorities decisive in terms of education should put and effort in searching for a knowledge on a good law and make establishment of such law a basic concern and task. Good law can lead to a value-based life or constitute a measure of the protection of values that are promoted and implemented within the educational system. Depriving school of humanity is also reflected in the legal sphere – a chaos that occurs in the educational reality under the influence of continuous amendments to the education law. This paper is aimed at considering the state and structure of the current law on the protection of values in education.
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