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This paper presents an elasticity solution of adhesive tubular joints in laminated composites, with axial symmetry. In this model, adherends are orthotropic shells and the stacking sequences can be either symmetric or asymmetric. Adhesive layer is homogenous and made of isotropic material. They are modelled as continuously distributed tension/compression and shear springs. Employing constitutive, kinematics and equilibrium equations, sets of differential equations for each inside and outside of overlap zones are obtained. By solving these equations, shear and peel stresses in adhesive layer(s), as well as deflections, stress resultants and moment resultants in the adherends are determined. It is seen that the magnitude of peel stresses due to transverse shear stress resultant is much greater than that obtained from axial stress resultant. The developed results are compared with those obtained by finite element analysis using ANSYS software. The comparisons demonstrate the accuracy and effectiveness of the aforementioned methods.
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