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Zoidbergus , a new genus of Apseudidae, is described for deep−water Tanaidacea classified previously in the genus Apseudes : A. abyssalis , A. lagenirostris , A. paragracilis , A. tenuimanus , A. tenuis and A. vicinus . The new genus differs from Apseudes s. str. by having acute eyelobes without visual elements, elongated second article of mandibular palp, and carpus of pereopods 2–3 longer than or as long as propodus. Zoidbergus gen. n. can also be distinguished from Apseudes s. str. by the lack of large bases of pereopods 5–6 covered by numerous plumose setae as well as the lack of dense plumose setation on lateral margins of pereonites and pleonites. By general body habitus and structure of pereopods Zoidbergus gen. n. resembles the apseudid genus Leviapseudes , although the genera can be distinguished by the presence of leaf−shaped seta and elongated pereonites 3–6 in Leviapseudes . Based on specimens collected during the IceAGE1 Cruise in September 2011, Zoidbergus tenuis is redescribed and morphology of an undescribed species Zoidbergus sp. A is provided. Supplementary description for Zoidbergus vicinus is given based on type material from Statens Naturhistoriske Museum, University of Copenhagen. Additionally comments on the other deep water Apseudes species: A. siegi and A. vitjazi , are given.
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