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The geodetic measurements optimization problem has played a crucial role in the mining areas affected by continuous ground movement. Such movements are most frequently measured with the classical geodetic methods such as levelling, tachymetry or GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System). The measuring techniques are selected with respect to the dynamics of the studied phenomena, surface hazard degree, as well as the financial potential of the mining company. Land surface changes caused by underground exploitation are observed with some delay because of the mining and geological conditions of the deposit surroundings. This delay may be considerable in the case of salt deposits extraction due to slow convergence process, which implies ground subsidence maximum up to a few centimeters per year. Measuring of such displacements requires high precision instruments and methods. In the case of intensely developed urban areas, a high density benchmark network has to be provided. Therefore, the best solution supporting the monitoring of vertical ground displacements in the areas located above the salt deposits seems to be the Sentinel 1-A radar imaging satellite system. The main goal of the investigation was to verify if imaging radar from the Sentinel 1 mission could be applied to monitor of slow ground vertical movement above word heritage Wieliczka salt mine. The outcome of the analysis, which was based on DInSAR (Differential SAR Interferometry). technology, is the surface distribution of annual subsidence in the period of 2015-2016. The comparison of the results with levelling confirmed the high accuracy of satellite observations. What is significant, the studies allowed to identify areas with the greatest dynamics of vertical ground movements, also in the regions where classical surveying was not conducted. The investigation proved that with the use of Sentinel-1 images sub centimeters slow vertical movements could be obtained.
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