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The paper presents results of experimental investigation of microchannel boiling flow which was controlled by dielectrophoretic (DEP) restrictor. The DEP restrictor was connected to the microchannel liquid supply tube. Operation of DEP restrictor influenced the flow rate at the microchannel inlet. Resulting changes in flow structures and vapour content along the microchannel were observed and analysed with a high-speed video camera. Video recordings were synchronised with measurements of differential pressure between the channel inlet and outlet. It was found that it is possible to change average void fraction in the microchannel by switching on and off the voltage applied to the restrictor electrodes. However, to achieve significant variation of the void fraction, applied voltage should be of the order of 2000 Vpp. The voltage switching also generates oscillations of the differential pressure. The amplitude of these oscillations is proportional to the voltage magnitude, reaching 35 Pa for 2400 Vpp.
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