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The manufacture and consumption of market products show ever growing trends, and this means not only the supply and demand volume but also, to a higher and higher extent, searching for new products distinguishable from the variety of products on the market. Thus, it is necessary to find methods of functional, logical and structural combination of the so far existing engineering applications like CAx, RP/RT/RE, PDM/TDM, PPC/ERP, CE/SE and RDBMS techniques. A new challenge imposed on manufacturers by the competitive market is the so-called “product customization”, i.e. attending to an individual customer’s requirements in the features of a series manufactured product. The general objective of customisation is to elaborate features of a product, manufacturing processes, documentation and production organisation in such a way that the product’s individual features meet the customer’s requirements and its manufacturing process, price and service do not stray from series manufactured products.
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