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Recently, the use of inorganic binders cured by heat as a progressive technology for large scale production of cores is widely discussed topic in aluminium foundries. As practical experiences show, knock-out properties of inorganic binders were significantly increased, although they cannot overcome organic based binder systems. This paper contains information about hot curing processes based on alkali silicate and geopolymer binder systems for core making. Main differences between hot cured geopolymers and hot cured alkali silicate based inorganic binders are discussed. Theory of geopolymer binder states, that binder bridge destruction is mainly of adhesive character. The main aim of this research paper was to examine binder bridge destruction of alkali silicate and geopolymer binder systems. In order to fulfil this objective, sample parts were submitted to defined thermal load, broken and by using SEM analysis, binder bridge destruction mechanism was observed. Results showed that geopolymer binder system examined within this investigation does not have mainly adhesive destruction of binder bridges, however the ratio of adhesive-cohesive to cohesive destruction is higher than by use of alkali silicate based binder systems, therefore better knock-out properties can be expected.
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