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The Lidfjellet thrust is the most prominent tectonic structure in the Lidfjellet-Řyrlandsodden fold zone, which stretches NNW-SSE along the western coast of Sřrkapp Land in Spitsbergen. This paper provides a reinterpretation of the Lidfjellet structure, with particular reference to lithostratigraphy of the autochthonous and overthrust sequences involved, and to the position of the thrust surface. Geological and palynologicalal data indicate that the sequence attributed previously to the Lower Cretaceous Helvetiafjellet Formation of the autochthonous cover represents in fact the Carboniferous (Viséan) Sergeijevfjellet Formation forming the lower part of the overthrust unit. The youngest deposits involved in tectonic structures of the Lidfjellet-Řyrlandsodden fold zone are of Upper Jurassic age.
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