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A simplified isoperibol calorimetry method for measuring specific heat in solids is described. Taking advantage of the classical Nernst dependency the specific heat is calculated from time-domain temperature curves registered for a sample forced heating and natural cooling phase. In order to improve accuracy of the measurements a correction factor, taking into account the heat transferred to the surrounding, is introduced along with a procedure of statistical elimination of unavoidable measurement deviations. The method is implemented in a simple and straightforward measuring system involving no vacuum calorimeter. The method is applicable for quick and routine specific heat measurements performed on small solid dielectric or metallic specimens at near-room temperature. Test results of various materials used commonly in electrical engineering are demonstrated and discussed as well as comparison to drop calorimetry and differential scanning calorimetry reference measurements is included. The overall repeatability of the test method and the simplified apparatus is estimated as not worse than 2.6%.
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