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The present writer comments upon Wiesław Boryś’s article on etymological research in Poland. (1) The present writer claims that in all languages the form of words depends on three main factors, not only on regular sound change and analogical development, but also on what he calls irregular sound change due to frequency. Word groups, words and morphemes which are very frequently used sometimes show irregular reductions, e. g. Polish wasza miłość> waść, podobno> ponoor *(děl)-ajetь> (dział)-a. The present writer reproaches Boryś that he does not mention irregular sound change due to frequency although in Polish texts this development sometimes occurs in more than 60% of cases. (2) The present writer criticizes the laryngeal theory. (3) The present writer criticizes Kuryłowicz’s opinion according to which the Indo-European apophony e/o was of analogical origin. (4) The present writer draws attention to an important difference between his theory of irregular sound change due to frequency, which concerns all languages of the world, and Winter’s “law” which deals only with one language, namely Balto-Slav.
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