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The paper presents the research results of the solenoid housing made of the Zn4Al1Cu alloy that was destroyed as a result of corrosion. Surface of the tested part showed macroscopically the features typical for white corrosion, and the resulting corrosion changes led to a disturbance of the alloy cohesion. The research performed have shown that the tested solenoid valve has intergranular corrosion as a reaction of the environment containing road salt. The corrosion was initiated in the areas of the alfa phase existence appearing in the eutectic areas which propagated over dendritic areas of the alloy. Initiation of the corrosion followed as a result of the galvanic effect of the alfa phase reach in aluminium showing higher electrochemical potential, in contact with the eta phase reach in zinc. The impact of the phase reach in lead present in the microstructure on the corrosion processes run was not found.
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