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In 2009, in the village of Wysoczany, Sanok district, Podkarpackie voivodeship, a silver coin was accidentally found. This coin is a tetradrachm. It has irregular oval shape and is plano-convex. It is not well preserved, i.e. it has poorly legible depictions on both sides, which significantly impedes its typological classification, and thus its precise dating. The dimensions of the coin are: 27.5 × 28.5 mm and its weight is: 11.83 g (after conservation works). In the case of the described here coin there are no clear analogies and, therefore, there is no certainty to what type it should be attributed. This paper attempts to analyse a few of the existing possibilities. One of the taken into consideration is the south-eastern direction, i.e. Geto-Dacian mintage or Celtic Geto-Dacian one. Some similarities can be found in the following types: Agriş A — Şilindia, Ramna, and also in the category referred to as “the other types” according to the typology by C. Preda. The other possible direction is the central Celtic mintage associated with Boii. However, none of the examples presented in this paper is a close analogy to the coin from Wysoczany. Therefore, its typological attribution as well as its dating remain to be an open question.
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