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Sand samples with furan binder were prepared using Sand, Furfuryl Alcohol and Toluene Sulfonic Acid with ratio 100:0.85:0.30. To identify and quantify gases releasing from furan binder various studies like FTIR, TGA and GC-MS were carried out. After analyzing our materials using above mentioned characterizations the chemical formula of the Resin and Binder and amount of gases releasing from composition were confirmed. After studying various reports on pyrolysis process of furan binder calculation of the % of various gases emitting during pyrolysis process of furan was carried out. Sample of gas collected from mold was analyzed using GC-MS. Based on GCMS measurement various gases emitting from furan sand mold were identified and their amount were calculate and compared with the international standers of permissible gas emission limits in a foundry. The purpose of this paper is to assist foundries in pollution prevention by devising clean technologies which maintain or improve the quality of ambient surrounding. This paper aimed at minimization of pollution of air by using various techniques.
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