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This paper discusses the joining of AZ91 magnesium alloy with AlSi17 aluminium alloy by compound casting. Molten AZ91 was cast at 650oC onto a solid AlSi17 insert placed in a steel mould under normal atmospheric conditions. Before casting, the mould with the insert inside was heated up to about 370oC. The bonding zone forming between the two alloys because of diffusion had a multiphase structure and a thickness of about 200 ┬Ám. The microstructure and composition of the bonding zone were analysed using optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. The results indicate that the bonding zone adjacent to the AlSi17 alloy was composed of an Al3Mg2 intermetallic phase with not fully consumed primary Si particles, surrounded by a rim of an Mg2Si intermetallic phase and fine Mg2Si particles. The bonding zone near the AZ91 alloy was composed of a eutectic (an Mg17Al12 intermetallic phase and a solid solution of Al and Si in Mg). It was also found that the compound casting process slightly affected the AZ91alloy microstructure; a thin layer adjacent to the bonding zone of the alloy was enriched with aluminium.
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