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The ceaseless progress of nanotechnology, observed in the last years, causes that nanomaterials are more and more often applied in several fields of industry, technique and medicine. E.g. silver nanoparticles are used in biomedicine for disinfection and polymer nanoparticles allow insulin transportation in pharmacology. New generation materials containing nanoparticles are also used in the chemical industry (their participation in the commercial market equals app. 53 %). Nanomaterials are used in electronics, among others for semiconductors production (e.g. for producing nanoink Ag, which conducts electric current). Nanomaterials, due to their special properties, are also used in the foundry industry in metallurgy (e.g. metal alloys with nanocrystalline precipitates), as well as in investment casting and in moulding and core sand technologies. Nanoparticles and containing them composites are applied in several technologies including foundry practice, automotive industry, medicine, dentistry etc. it is expected that their role and market share will be successively growing.
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