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Spare parts are one of the important pillars in the after-sales service of automotive business. Customers will satisfied and comfortable if the availability of spare parts is guaranteed. Spare Part Center is one of function to support unit sales and as well as profit-oriented, so the accuracy and speed of spare part acceptance by the customer is an important key to winning the competition. Order Picking is one of the supply chain processes that play a role in warehouse operations to meet customer needs. Order Picking is the most expensive activity in warehousing and can reach 55% of the total cost of warehousing operations, so it is considered a top priority in increasing productivity, even reaching 65% of total warehouse operating costs. The purpose of this research is to increase productivity in the process of picking order through reduction of processing time. Increased productivity is done by improving the working method of the picking process. From the result the comparing, the method by zone requires less total picking time (193.712 seconds) than by routing (249.559 seconds) decreased 55.85 second time, in other words, an increase of 22.38%. With the Visual Stream Mapping (VSM) in this research can reduce to travel time, it means that the total distance traveled is small than the current method. The impact from VSM approach will eliminate time for preparation of 1.960 seconds, and take empty trolley of 200 seconds. In this case some of traveling non-value
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