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This article presents a linear strain measurement method insensitive to temperature variations and using fibre Bragg gratings. Two Bragg gratings were applied with periods selected to obtain partial coverage of their spectrum characteristics. One of the gratings was subjected to a tension strength. Placing both gratings in one thermal chamber allowed - through ensuring the same thermal conditions - to obtain insensitivity of the entire scheme to temperature variations. The gratings were recorded on the same optical fibre and reacted to temperature variations in the same degree. Value of strain was indicated based on the transmission spectrum characteristic of two grating schemes. The use of transmission, not reflectance, characteristics of the gratings allowed for a direct measurement of the spectrum, without having to use a coupler or optical circulators, and at the same time, this allowed to simplify the strain detection scheme. We proposed applying the continuous wavelet transform with characteristics of the spectrum scheme of two gratings for improvement of static properties. Especially, the thermal linearity and stability of the sensor was improved. For a strain range up to 750 μe, the non-linearity error of processing characteristic obtained was 0.45%. Thermal stability of the scheme proposed was defined as relative sensitivity of the power to temperature variations. The mean value of such relative sensitivity of the scheme proposed in the temperature scope of 21ºC-95ºC, amounted to 0.195.
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