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Metal pieces wear out due to variable loading, because cracks formed on their surface of them. In order to increase useful life of metal pieces with the help of different methods of welding, surface cracks are repaired. In this research, performance of the diffusion welding of pure iron powder through magnetic induction evaluated for repairing structural steel surface cracks. First, four specimens prepared including one control specimen and other three specimens grooved specimens in length of 6.25mm and in depth of 1mm and groove width in the sizes of 0.5, 0.75 and 1mm. Then by a coil, the induced current created in the piece surface. After crossing the current, the powder melted and the groove repaired due to diffusion welding. To prevent oxidation, the atmosphere inside the coil filled with argon gas. The results show that after repairing surface groove, tensile strength of the repaired specimens reached to the tensile strength of control specimen with the margin of 7.5%.
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