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The work presents the results of the studies of Co-Cr-Mo casting alloys used in the production of frame casts of removable dentures, crowns and bridges in dental prosthetics. The studies were performed on four Co-Cr-Mo alloys of different contents of Mo, W and other additives. Electrochemical tests were performed, which aimed at examining the corrosion resistance of the alloys and observing the alloy structure after chronoamperometric tests with the potential in the area of the occurrence of the passive layer breakpoint. The alloy microstructure images after chronoamperometric tests show the presence of non-uniformly distributed general corrosion. Moreover, a project of cobalt alloy casting was elaborated using a ceramic mold casting. Additionally, analysis of the obtained microstructure was performed. The microstructure of the examined alloys was of the dendrite type. This microstructure was chemically inhomogeneous and consisted of an austenitic matrix formed by a solid cobalt solution and chromium in the core dendritic structure.
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