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Słowa kluczowe Surface defects Sand mix


This study summarises the research efforts undertaken in iron foundry plants in which the process are mostly automated and mechanised. The research program was limited in scope, focusing on causes of surface defects in castings products that are attributable to the bentonite-containing sand and the mould system. One of the potential roots of surface defects is heterogeneity of sand grains, containing lumped ball-shaped grains and irregular pellets with a layered-structure. The moisture contents of those lumped grains is different than the moisture level required in the process, besides these grains may contain various elements and metallic compounds which, when cast into moulds, may react with molten metals in an uncontrolled manner. As a result, surface defects are produced, such as surface blowholes, burst penetration, sand holes, slag inclusions, pinhole porosity. This study investigated the efficiency of key sand preparation and moulding machines and installations integrated into the casting process line. The efficiency of machines and installations is defined in terms of quality parameters of sand mix and moulds, which are associated with the emergence of surface defects on castings.
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