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Emergence of new designs for internal combustion engines resulted in a necessity to search for new materials which will rise to excessive technological requirements under operating conditions of modern internal combustion engines of up to 150 kW. Focusing only on material properties, theoretically existing alloys should meet presents requirements. More importantly, existing materials are well fitted to the entire crank-piston system. Thus, there is a need for a more thorough examination of these materials. The paper presents studies on determination of coefficient of friction μ and wear for the A390.0 alloy modified with AlTi5B master alloy combined with EN GJL-350 cast iron. The characteristics of a T-11 tribological tester (pin on disc) used for the tests, as well as the methodology of the tribological tests, were described. Also, the analysis of the surface distribution of elements for the pin and the disc was presented. The studies were realized in order to find whether the analyzed alloy meets the excessive requirements for the materials intended for pistons of modern internal combustion engines. The results show that the A390.0 alloy can only be applied to a load of 1.4 MPa. Above this value was observed destructive wear, which results in the inability to use it in modern internal combustion engines.
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