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In the current study, the hot deformation of medium carbon V-Ti micro-alloyed steel was surveyed in the temperature range of 950 to 1150°C and strain rate range of 0.001 to 1 s–1 after preheating up to 1200°C with a compression test. In all cases of hot deformation, dynamic recrystallization took place. The influence of strain rate and deformation temperature on flow stress was analyzed. An increase in the strain rate and decrease in the deformation temperature postponed the dynamic recrystallization and increased the flow stress. The material constants of micro-alloyed steel were calculated based on the constitutive equations and Zener-Hollomon parameters. The activation energy of hot deformation was determined to be 458.75 kJ/mol, which is higher than austenite lattice self-diffusion activation energy. To study the influence of precipitation on dynamic recrystallization, the stress relaxation test was carried out in a temperature range of 950 to 1150°C after preheating up to 1200°C. The results showed no a stress drop while representing the interaction of particles with dynamic recrystallization.
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